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Custom Made Statues in Bronze and Marble

Custom Bronze and Marble StatuesCustom Bronze and Marble Statues

Custom Bronze and Marble

LARGE CUSTOM-MADE BRONZE CASTINGS ON REQUEST. The Bronze and Marble Gallery have commissioned many bronze statues for the both the public, businesses and local government. Once we have received images or photos of the subject, the sculptors create a life-size Wax/Clay model. Once all alterations and changes are made to the wax/clay model and the customer is 100 % happy with the finished result, only then do we move on to the next process, which is the creation of a mould, and then from this mould the final casting and pouring process is commenced. Once this process is finished we move onto the patina. Customers have a choice of patina finish they prefer, from dark chocolate brown to two tone brown or verdigris. If our customer requires another colour finish we are happy to match and oblige. Our Bronze statues are proudly displayed in parks and public areas through to private homes. We at the Bronze and Marble Gallery also customise Marble Statues, The creation of a Marble statue is very similar to the creation of a Bronze statue. As with the Bronze Statue the artists start with the Wax/Clay life-size sculpture, after the customer is happy with the Clay/Wax model the statue is then carved out of one block of marble. We can give quotes from a simple photo and are happy to discuss the processes and time frames and endeavour to fit into what ever time frame is required. We at the Bronze and Marble Gallery are proud to show images of the most recent Customised Statues from the last 18 months. See samples of our statues and enquire by clicking here:

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